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"His music is different yet somehow nostalgic and positive"

-Marcin Nurski - Twitch Streamer

"Dark and moody vibes with an uplifting undertone"

- Jason Uncles - GlobalStep Academy

Shifty K is a UK based producer and musician with a love for the alternative and the unexpected. His music is eclectic and varied in its influences, with a vein of heaviness and energy tying everything together, producing tracks that range from chilled out hip hop to grime influenced industrial EDM.

Never afraid to mash genres together and stray from the beaten path Shifty K makes it his aim not to sound like anyone else, while still honouring his musical influences. Bringing hard beats and aggressive riffs alongside rich synths and effect laden chords, he weaves a modern and forceful sound that is as uplifting as it is driving.

Shifty also plays live with Georgie S where he shows off his acoustic and lead guitar skills in the more mainstream theatre of country rock.